ArcSoft SimHD IM Plug-In

ArcSoft SimHD IM Plug-In 1.2

Brings low-resolution videos and DVDs, up to near high-resolution quality (See all)

SimHD is ArcSoft's upscaling technology, which brings low-resolution videos and DVDs, even YouTube videos, up to near high-resolution quality while also offering dynamic lighting, denoise and smoothness enhancements, offering you a sharper and more vivid picture in real-time. SimHD, embedded in the ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre, performs this video upscaling work by utilizing the NVIDIA® CUDATM parallel computing architecture to solve complex calculations in a fraction of the time required on a CPU.
TotalMedia Theatre takes advantage of the powerful graphics processing unit (GPU) in today's PCs by using the NVIDIA CUDA architecture to provide sufficient power for SimHD's intensive post processing algorithms. With SimHD plug-in, TotalMedia Theatre provides an easy-to-use way for viewers to obtain an HD-like viewing experience on the PC from the existing standard videos or DVDs which can upgrade your collections to a wonderful visual journey.

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